GPS Spoofing Detection

Protecting Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) applications using mobile devices

What is GPS Spoofing?

GPS Spoofing refers to misleading a GPS reciever by transmitting a counterfeit signal. This signal causes the GPS reciever to validate and believe these signals are genuine. Due to this the reciever will now calculate and use the wrong position or time.

Our benefits incldue:

Real Time

Immediate detection results alerting the user

Software Only

Proprietary machine learning algorithms and statistical analysis used for detection. No additional hardware required.


Available on a large range of devices

Our Services

Mobile SDK

Integrates our GPS Spoofing Detection into your existing Location Based Service Application

No connectivity required

Android Compatible

Spoofing Detection as a Service

Our most sophisticated offering, allowing fleet wide spoofing detection for all devices/vehicles

Internet connectivity Required

Android Compatible

iOS Compatible

Enhanced Protection Capabilities

Uses nearby fleet devices to enhance GPS Spoofing Detection capabilities

Impacting a $100 Billion market

Software Defined Radios (SDR) have made spoofing attacks available to anyone.
With a market size of more than $100 Billion the potential impacts of disruptions are immense. Impulse Systems solves this by providing flexible detection software that runs on Mobile Devices.

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Our Spoofing Detection Solution

We use advanced machine learning and statistical analysis to detect GPS spoofing.

Fast & Low Power Consuption

Efficient algorithms ensure power consumption is minimal

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with your existing location based application or service

Proprietary Protection algorithms

World class detection algorithms based upon Millitary experience

Key Markets

The markets we are currently targetting for our GPS spoofing detection platform include:


Use Case: Mobile SDK


Use Case: Mobile SDK, Spoofing Detection as a Service

Ride Sharing

Use Case: Mobile SDK

Law Enforcement

Use Case: Mobile SDK, Spoofing Detection as a Service

Autonomous Vehicles

Use Case: Mobile SDK, Spoofing Detection as a Service


Use Case: Mobile SDK

Our Team

Lachlan Page

CEO, Founder

First Class (Hons) Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Science

"Spoofing is a serious threat that we need to start taking seriously"

GPS Spoofing attacks can be performed for as little as $300.
The need for GPS Spoofing detection is paramount for ensuring Position, Navigation and Timing integrity.

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